Tommy (the former Trece)

Tommy (the former Trece)

Bea of Argos with Tommy


Galgo Podenco Support is pleased to announce an alliance with Tommycoats, a volunteer initiative of Noreen Richards that hand-makes and distributes custom fleece coats to resident galgos and podencos for warmth and comfort during inclement weather in Spain. 

The rescued dogs are certainly the lucky ones but the majority of shelters in Spain simply do not have the resources to heat their facilities. Despite protection from the elements, the dogs are exposed to temperatures that drop to freezing levels. Instead of fighting the cold, warm dogs can use their energy to heal, gain weight, and get stronger. Last year, almost 300 Tommycoats were made and shipped to rescue groups in Spain.

Tommycoats was inspired by Tommy, a galgo rescued by Associación Protectora Argos. Sadly he passed away suddenly two days before his departure to begin his new life in the US. It was discovered through an autopsy that while living rough, he had ingested a pig's ear with a metal tag that perforated his intestines and caused him to die of sepsis. In his place, Trece, a podenco rescued by Galgo Connection Spain, got his lucky break and was adopted by Noreen and her wife Berna. In his memory, Trece was renamed Tommy.

Although a hunter disfigured Tommy's ear and face, and his body shows many scars from injuries and confinement, his playful, curious, and sweet personality shines through. He is enjoying life with Cyd (galga, Germany), Moli (galga, Galgos en Familia), and Rufus (pod, Associación Protectora Argos).

Join us! Here's how you can get involved:

• make coats (requires basic sewing skills, we will provide instructions)
• send fleece — new or old (old blankets and jackets are great)
• organize a coat-making party!
• send a TAX-FREE DONATION to help with the purchase of supplies and shipping (the cost to ship 40 coats from US to Spain is $100!)

Click here to read Grey Hound Adoption about Tommy Coats and GPS!

For more information about how to get involved, please contact
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