Galgo Podenco Support

Galgo Podenco Support (GPS), a volunteer non-profit entity, was established to support the Spanish licensed charity groups that rescue, rehabilitate and rehome abandoned and abused galgos and podencos. Inspired by the tireless efforts of those on the front lines, GPS offers assistance in the way of financial support, practical help, and facilitation of adoptions to the US. 

GPS was founded in May of 2014 by Telma Shaw. Assisting Telma is Jen Janiak-Ross, who brings her expertise, passion and experience to GPS, having traveled to the south of Spain on several rescue trips. And rounding out the team is a group of adopters and volunteers. Together we continue our commitment to the mission, to help the dogs in Spain.   All of us are horrified by the the yearly annihilation and lamentable conditions of the galgos and podencos that survive a short hunting season, and we have committed ourselves to communicating the realties that these dogs endure and the  needs of the charities that care for them.  In addition to promoting the use through social media, speaking engagements and rescue missions, GPS solicits and raises funds, collects supplies and brings thirteen years of experience facilitating adoptions from Spain to the US

Are there obstacles to running an organization that focuses on the needs of dogs in a foreign country? Absolutely. In addition to obvious challenges such as language and distance barriers, one often hears "what about the dogs here in the US? There is plenty of need here". GPS believes that there are no borders defining dogs in need. What the Spanish hounds endure is a global condition that affects all of us, one way or another. The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated. — Mahatma Gandhi

For years, GPS has been in regular contact with several licensed charities in southern Spain regarding their needs, concerns, daily frustrations and triumphs. All depend on private donations, as there is no source of government or municipal support available in their economically challenged region. They range from small charities that care for 20 to 30 hounds to one with over 100 hounds depending on the time of year. At the close of hunt season, the numbers swell dramatically. The charities keep dogs in rented facilities, paid foster homes of which there are few, and even in their own homes. There is never enough space or money to care for all the dogs in need. Some have a steady retinue of loyal volunteers to help with the never-ending cycle of feeding, medicating, cleaning and socializing; others rely on one or two regular helpers and family members. All are heroes. The horrors they face in rescuing and caring for the hounds is unfathomable. As long as the hunting culture continues and social conditions tolerate the abandonment and abuse, GPS will fight to help Spanish hounds find their way home.

Featured on our site are the Spanish rescue groups with whom we have long-standing relationships; in addition, we have assisted AIRE, Assoc. Los Angeles de Lora, Casa de Postas, La Sonrisa Peluda, Little Pod AssociationPerro Sin Casa, and Podencos Y Mas.

GPS would like to express our great appreciation to the US greyhound groups who have opened their hearts and homes to the Spanish hounds. We so appreciate their professionalism, support and passion for the plight of the galgos and podencos. Below are groups in the US with whom we work for the adoption of galgos and podencos.

Grateful Greyhounds, NY
Greyhound Rescue and Rehabilitation, NY
Greyhound Friends of New Jersey
TriAngle Greyhound Society, NC
Greyhound Pets Inc., WA

For information about how GPS facilitates adoptions, please contact