There is no question that rescued galgos and podencos are wonderful family members and companions. It is easy to fall in love with the idea of adopting a rescued galgo or podenco through photography and stories on the internet. However, finding the right fit for both the dog and family is a bit of a puzzle that takes time, information and deliberate evaluation on the part of the adoption facilitator, the charity and the potential adopter.

Sighthounds have particular requirements for home life that must be understood and taken into account. Literally thousands are in need of homes and in many cases, money is the greatest deterrent. The cost to adopt a dog from Spain is significant; there is no profit to the rescue groups or GPS. Everyone involved has a vested interest in making the right decision, not just an emotional one. The function of the GPS adoption facilitator is to represent and serve as a backup to the rescue groups, offer the pros and cons of long distance adoptions to the potential adopters as well as provide pertinent information and support, and assist with transportation planning.

For information about adopting a galgo or podenco, please contact

The video below celebrates many of the dogs we homed our inaugural year.


We have years of experience helping hundreds of galgos and podencos find their forever homes. Below are some of the many happy hounds in their new lives. (click photographs to enlarge)