Rosa today!

Rosa with Telma at Argos 

Rosa with Telma at Argos 

Argos founder, Beatriz Sanchez-Elvira Ribas, w ith rescuer Rosa Maria Barios and Rosa.

Argos founder, Beatriz Sanchez-Elvira Ribas, with rescuer Rosa Maria Barios and Rosa.

THE ROSA PROJECT: Restoring Trust — One Spanish Hound at a Time

When Chrysann Collatos, a Reno, NV veterinarian, discovered Telma Shaw and GPS, it wasn't long before two needy podencos found forever homes in Reno with Chrysann. But it wasn't enough. A shared commitment to make a difference in the lives of deeply troubled podencos who are lingering in rescues prompted the collaboration of The Rosa Project.

It took the Spanish group Associación Protectora Argos over six months to rescue Rosa, our project namesake, from her shadow existence on the streets of Sevilla. Despite their best efforts, in the shelter environment Rosa was unable to progress from a terrified, shaking girl who would never look in the direction of a human and kept herself pressed into a corner. This continued for two years, and on her visits to Spain seeing Rosa, Telma  worried that she would never have a chance for life in a home. She promised Rosa to find a way to help her. When Chrysann proposed a joint venture to bring special need podencos to Reno for behavioral rehabilitation, little Rosa was the first choice. 

The award of a 2016 Art Paws Reno Underdog Grant secured funding for the first year of training for two pods, and our project model took flight. Our two-fold goals: 1. A podenco with behavioral challenges that prevent homing will come to live with Chrysann and her pack and enter rehabilitation training at K9 Games Reno. Upon successful graduation from the program, adoption will be facilitated by GPS. 2. Pay it Forward — K9 Games will match Art Paws funding with equal value service to dogs in need in the Reno rescue community. We were lucky to received significant private donations to fund transportation from Spain to Reno for Rosa and another podenco for 2016. 

Moving forward for our 2017 pods, we will be fundraising for both training and transportation to keep this successful and essential program active. It can only be sustained by continuing donations. We will continue to Pay-It-Forward. The adoption fee for each Rosa Project dog will be rolled back into the program. K9 Games Reno will match every training dollar spent by The Rosa Project with equal value rehabilitation training for local dogs.  

Please consider making a donation to give more troubled podencos like Rosa the chance to become a loved family member and a representative for “The Great Forgotten of Spain”.  We are delighted to announce that Rosa flourished in our program and has successfully transitioned to her loving forever adoptive home, making room for the second Rosa Project Pod, Cezar, who arrived in Reno on June 20th, 2016.

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