Greyhound Friends of New Jersey’s 18th Annual Craft Show & Pet Expo!

We had a whirlwind of a weekend starting November 16th. Galgo Podenco Support was invited to give a presentation at the Greyhound Friends of New Jersey’s 18th Annual Craft Show and Pet Expo. Marylou Hecht drove from NH to JFK on Friday to pick up Telma Shaw who had flown in from CA for the event. They drove directly from the airport across many unpronounceable bridges and byways into the very cute town of Westfield, New Jersey. An iPad and google maps is a high recommended passenger for a foray into unknown territories.

GPS enjoyed our first tabling event and we had surprise after surprise of visiting friends with our alumni galgos and podencos from the last few years. It was such fun to see Kelly Dalik and daughter Cloe with Copo  (Galgos en Familia), the famously enthusiastic galgo mum, Debi Lyn Courtney and daughter Ava, arrived with Ralphie, the world’s longest-bodied galgo (Galgso del Sol). These lovely girls are definitely our future rescuers in the making! The Grateful Greyhound crew — Lisa Sallie and Thor (112CG), Laura McKay and Linda Schmitt, with podenca Freya (Andrea's Animal Rescue & The Henrietta Foundation) and Bimba (Galgos en Familia) — spent the entire day helping out and keeping us in laughter. Freya proved to be a very popular attraction — in an armory full of greyhounds, little Freya charmed everyone she met with her affectionate ways. What a great ambassapod for the podencos! Josie Therapy Dog’s mum Marybeth Josie Kayne came to meet us as it turned out that Marylou's business parter of 30 years and Marybeth are lifelong friends. We enjoyed meeting Denise Bond as well as Michael Owen and Marianne Mimi Verpent of SHUG. A particular treat was indulging in the one and only Sara, the white voluptuous podenca who is a complete love (Galgo Connection Spain). Mum Janine Kessler made sure that everyone who requested a lap sit from Sara got one! We had a steady stream of interest from event attendees who were interested to learn how they could help spread the word the of the plight of the galgos and the podencos.

We gave our inaugural  powerpoint presentation about the realities of life for the hounds in Spain and the work we do to help the cause. Despite Marylou’s quick trigger advance button finger, Telma gave a passionate and poignant in-depth talk. That night we were invited to join Maria Micovic Lutz with family and many GFNJ board members at her home to swap stories and meet their greyhounds. GFNJ has recently brought Bitel and Guapa, two galgos from Galgos en Familia, into their group through us and Bitel was just adopted!

The following day we were off across more unpronounceable bridges and byways to take Telma to Lisa Sallie’s home on Long Island to meet her four-legged crew of greyhounds and galgos. Telma was picking up Freya who has been in foster care with Lisa for their flight back to CA and Freya’s new life. Also in Lisa’s care is our GPS foster boy Kenya (ADANA and Galgos en Familia) who will be leaving for his forever home this week. Freya is now with her new mum, Susan Swendseid, in central California.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Linda Lyman, Maria Micovic Lutz, and Patty Comerford of GFNJ for including us in this wonderful event and making us feel so welcome. We also want to thank the foster moms of GFNJ’s first two galgos — Sue Smith (fostering Bitel) and Denise and Rob Parkanyi (fostering Guapa). We are thrilled with GFNJ’s show of interest for and support of the galgos and podencos. What a great precedent they are setting!