First GPS Spring Transport of 2015!

Despite the ubiquitous white matter covering the east coast, our first spring transport is kicking off with Marylou Hecht, GPS and Sharron Thomas, Fast Friends Greyhound Adoption, NH, who will be leaving Monday March 9th for a week with Galgos del Sol. Included will be a visit to Ibizan Hound Rescue to cuddle with their broad spectrum of pod varieties. Ever-steadfast Brian Hughes, IHR, will be directing the transport from Murcia to Madrid for the four dogs who are flying into JFK. Pod baby boy Flint (Perros sin Casa) and galgo Cameron (Asociación Protectora Argos) will have an overnight respite with Lisa Sallie, Grateful Greyhounds, NY, before their next flight to join their wonderful new multi-hound GPS alumni family in Los Angeles. Galgo Shadow (Galgos del Sol) and fuzzy pod Blanca (Ibizan Hound Rescue will be available for adoption thorough Fast Friends once they have acclimated to life in NH. To date, we have seven more spring trips confirmed to bring back many lucky galgos and podencos to forever homes. It makes the hours and hours of planning, scheduling, messaging, emailing, sorting airlines and general angst all worthwhile!!!!