Galgo Podenco Support Summer/Fall Update

Hi Friends, you may ask what GPS has been doing all summer? Well, we kicked off the summer with our Helping Hounds Auction that supported our Medical Assistance Fund which has tremendously helped us get through the summer of medical needs for the shelters we work with. We also continued our successful fundraising for our Food Drive for La Guarida delivering hundreds of kilos of food as well as helping them procure a used van that was desperately needed. We were also able to help Casa de Postas with a transport van they needed.

We also brought three doggies (Catalina, Pepa and Malta) 
thanks to Extraordinary Galgos and Podencos in Canada to their homes this summer.

In the meantime I have been very busy with adoptions making sure that these lovelies below, would have a chance of a forever new life and I am so excited for our Fall GPS Express Transports to begin!!

We have three transports lined up in October..All 9 dogs here in this post are our Galgo Podenco Support adoptees, but we have coordinated another 8 to come for Grateful Greyhounds so our total this fall will be 17 lucky souls..I know there are many people waiting for them and soon we begin the march!

Also, I am so excited to say that GPS will be represented at the Grateful Greyhounds Fall Ball on Sept. 23th in Long Island New York. I can't wait to be with all our friends and the wonderful people who help the Spanish hounds throughout the year! What a great collaborative effort between our groups!
Updates will follow! 
So we wish you all a Happy Labor Day, it is always a joy to labor for the doggies that need us!! Thanks everyone who has supported GPS this year!

Doggies coming from the following associations:
Galgos en Familia, Argos, Casa de Postas and Vals Podenco Rescate Andalus. 
Our dogs coming: Deia/Rosa Project, Laila, Rosie, Molly, Nena, Luna, Vega, Jen and Perdigon.