Telma Shaw — Spain Trip Report

When I returned from my trip at the end of September to visit the shelters in southern Spain, I found myself renewed and inspired by the work of our rescue friends there. Having spent time with old friends (Argos, DdeVida and Galgos en Familia) as well as new (Mar Marquez Lopz of AIRE, Maku Gonzales of Podencos y Mas, Nuria of La Guardia) and individual dog rescuers, Mar del Mar Ramirez and Anna Buttenhoff, among others, I can only say that their passion and commitment to the welfare of the dogs in Spain is nothing less than impressive and awe-inspiring. What they face daily is so challenging and further complicated by the lack of help from their own country. It's a system that makes it impossible for them to just rescue abandoned dogs let alone incurring the costs of saving the dogs. The bottom line is we must continue our support. They are so appreciative of whatever we can do to help them. They have boarding fees, vet bills, food, medication, transport costs, gas and all the related costs necessary to manage the dogs in their care.

Our pledge is to continue to raise awareness and to raise funds for the shelters that we work with so that their burden is lightened. Everyone told me time and again how grateful they are that we recognize how critical and fragile the Spanish rescue situation is. Seeing their work first hand is so compelling and just reconfirms our commitment. The cases of injured and sick dogs never stops — together, we can make a difference.

Thank you all for following this journey, for liking our Facebook posts and for reading the stories. It is very real for these dogs and the groups that are saving them.  Below are photos of the dogs we met, dogs we are helping and dogs that still need our support. Please consider making a donation towards our Medical Emergency Fund — the dogs and the rescuers need our help.