The GPS Lucky Six! In 2015 we were able to raise the funds to bring Chacal, Paloma, Aroa, Cocoa, Argos and Clove into forever homes. Six discarded and overlooked hounds tugged at our hearts and thanks to our supporters, we were able to bring two into foster care until their homes were found and four directly into homes. We will ask for your help again in 2016 to fund transport costs for more galgos and podencos who have been waiting too long for their chance.

GPS Medical Emergency Fund. We are the only US-based Spanish hound charity with a dedicated fund to provide financial support for critically ill dogs with medical and surgical emergencies on a need basis. This year we were able to provide thousands of dollars in support to 22 galgos and podencos with issues such as in Todd's case, who was likely dragged and needed a skin flap repair, Pitufo, found prone with paralysis (due to erlichia and now fully recovered!), and mulitple orthopaedic surgeries as in the case of puppy Mickey, tossed by the roadside with hip and leg fractures. They are just three examples of the many medical emergencies we have been able to help thanks to our supporters' recognition of the critical cases the Spanish rescues are faced with daily.

• GPS Monthly Shelter Aid: We are the only US-based Spanish hound charity that grants monthly shelter aid on a rotating basis to the groups we work with to assist with their day to day operational needs. This year we granted thousands of dollars to eight Spanish charities. In addition, we were able to gift substantial Holiday Grants.

• Adoptions: Found loving homes homes for 34 Spanish hounds. (19 podencos, 14 galgos, 1 mix).
• Transports: We organized transports for 72 galgos and podencos for GPS and our partner greyhound groups. 
• Fundraisers: Thanks to amazing donations from our supporters, we held two online auctions (with invaluable assistance from Tommy Coats) and raised over over 18k!

• Shelter Visits:  We made four trips to Spain and met with Galgos del Sol, Ibizan Hound Rescue, Associación Protectora Argos, Galgos en Familia, Podencos y Mas, AIRE, La Guarida, Jose Miguel Vicente Granadero’s Rehab and Mar Marquez Lopz. In addition to bringing hundreds of pounds of coats, collars, leashes and medical supplies, the trips were coordinated to transport newly adopted dogs to their forever homes in the US.
• Tommy Coats: Our alliance continues and we applaud them for their dedicated handiwork that has provided many shelters with hundreds of handmade fleece coats, blankets, collars, and tabling items for fundraising.
• Presentation: We gave a powerpoint presentation and held a tabling event to raise awareness at the West Coast Greyhound Gathering in Solvang, California.

Everything that we have accomplished this past year is because of your support. Please think of us when making your year-end distributions as well as in the upcoming year. It is because of you that so many galgos and podencos have been given their chance to have new beginnings and a wonderful life.

MASSIVE THANKS to you, our supporters for giving us the opportunity to make all this happen. Each person who has reached out to us with financial, practical and emotional help is instrumental to our work. The rescue groups depend on us, the dogs depend on us. We are all a team united by one thing and one thing only… helping the dogs of Spain. 

We also want to thank Lisa Sallie, Grateful Greyhounds, NY and Sharron Thomas, Fast Friends Greyhound Adoptions, NH for their unmitigated help with the US side of our adoptions. They have assisted, more times than we can recount, with transports up and down the east coast, airport pickups and assistance, cargo coordination and drop-offs, and short/long term fostering. Additionally, a special thanks goes to Linda Schmitt of Grateful Greyhounds for her unwavering commitment to the GPS transports. They have all proved themselves instrumental to our adoptions. 

Every year is filled with lessons, trials and successes. For every dog saved, the amount of work, angst and sweat is undeniably worth it. Thank you again! We look forward to continuing our work with your help in the coming months. As always, money is what makes the difference for the Spanish dogs and your tax deductible donations are greatly appreciated.