Thanks to the help of our supporters, GPS has been able to assist a record number of dogs this year with either medical care and/or help to forever homes.

We have raised funds through our auctions for GPS Shelter Aid Grants to help eight shelters where these dogs have come from; we have sent GPS Emergency Assistance Grants for special cases for 22 dogs; we have raised over $5,000 for our La Guarida food drive and delivered almost 13,000 lbs of food to a needy shelter; we coordinated transports and brought 70 galgos and podencos to the US of which GPS has adopted 31 podencos and seven galgos this year; we made several networking/volunteer trips to Spain to stay in touch with the shelters we support and transporting dogs ourselves. 

GPS is proud of our work with The Rosa Project that has successfully placed three podencos after their rehabilitation at K-9 Games Reno this year. Also, our alliance with Tommy Coats has helped defray some of the shipping costs so that hundreds of pounds of coats, collars, leashes and supplies can be shipped to our shelters. 

Our reward is knowing how these dogs' lives (and many others not in this slide show) have changed because of our work with your support. We will continue to work hard for you, for the dogs, and for the future of the Spanish hounds. We thank you, our supporters, so much for your involvement. Pease know that we can do it again in 2017 if we all keep working together!