What have we been doing this summer? GPS has been working on rehoming podencos and galgos and we have just finished our transport list for this fall. We are bringing ten pods and one galgo into their forever homes. The total number of dogs coming on our six transports is 27. The receiving US groups are: Fast Friends Greyhound Adoption, Galgos del Sol, Galgo Podenco Support, Grateful Greyhounds, and Greyhound Rescue Rehab. The Spanish groups that we are working with are: Asociación Protectora Argos, Casa de Postas, DdeVida, Galgos en Familia, Mar Marquez Lopz, Podencos y Mas, SOS Podenco Rescue, and Vals Podenco Rescue. Together we are helping one dog at a time. Thanks to everyone for their ongoing efforts to help us continue to help the dogs in Spanish rescues. All these dogs will be in their homes by Thanksgiving… isn't that great? Gracias ah todos!